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Sangha “Estidama Hub” X Blossom Accelerator Program

Blossom Accelerator Program is Saudi Arabia’s first female focused & inclusivity accelerator, founded by Emon Shakoor. The accelerator aspires to is to create a more innovative and inclusive ecosystem giving entrepreneurs of all kinds equal accessibility to opportunity. Blossom believes diversity and inclusion are the pillars of startup disruption & economic growth and that is exactly what attracted Sangha “Estidama Hub” to the accelerator program. Additionally, especially that many successful Saudi’s young female founders have been evidently supported and empowered by the accelerator program such as Lilian Ismail, Naseej Market, Ctrl.C and many others.

Through our experience with Blossom Accelerator, we have managed to grow our community and launch our monthly community events to further test our flourish program and expand our market research and insight. Thanks to the Emon’s live sessions and the mentorship and feedback sessions with the diverse group of local and global experts in the field we are confident to say that we have gained some valuable insight about the MENA market in a manner that supported strengthen, modify and adapt our business model.

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