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  • Online training

  • TOT is designed for teachers, counselors, coaches and HR department staff.

  • 7 sessions

  • First session: Foundations of coaching and facilitation

  • The rest of the 6 sessions trains the trainer to deliver Sangha’s Flourish Program.

  • Each section has a mini test, in which the facilitator is required to pass in order to proceed with the rest of the sessions and to the final phase.

  • Once the training program is over, the facilitator is required to deliver Sangha’s Flourish program to at least 30 participants.

  • Once participants receive the program, they will have to fill in a short online survey to receive their participation certification.

  • Finally, based on participants feedback the facilitators will either be certified as a Sangha Master or receive additional training.

  • Sangha Master certification must be renewed every 2 years and renewed free of charge to nominated excelling facilitators.

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