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Raghad Fathaddin

Founder and CEO


Raghad Fathaddin, G20 Saudi Delegate and an Internationally Certified Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coach by A Wellness Revolution, with a MA in Public Policy and 8 years of professional experience in International Relations, Political Analysis, Advocacy, Strategy, Impact Measurement and Project Management in various NGO’s and IO; such as Oxfam, United Nations for Education, Science and Cultural organization (UNESCO), Counterpoints Arts, Singa UK & PepsiCo,KSA. A member of various international networks of change makers such as Well-being Economy Alliance (WEALL), Global Shapers (Jeddah Hub), the Bio-Leadership Project and Global Diplomatic Forum. 


Raghad is a strong believer and advocate of the power of arts and education in the promotion of sustainability and social wellbeing. Through Sangha Estidama Hub, she is keen to play a positive and leading role in supporting nations transition towards a wellbeing economy and accelerate human progress through facilitating a culture of inner wellbeing for the future leaders.

About the founder


  • Internationally Certified Holistic health & Wellbeing Coach by A Wellness Revolution

  • Mentor (2023), Sustainability and Wellbeing working groups as part of a hackathon lead by the Architecture & Design Commission, Ministry of Culture titled, Designathon

  • G20 Saudi Delegate (2022) - Leading on Sustainable & Livable Planet track of the Y20 Working group

  • Certified by Yale University in The Science of Wellbeing (2020)

  • Certified by the University of Pennsylvania in Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty (2021)

  • First Saudi Member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL)



Racha Yousef

Marketing Communication Manager

Founder of Chaser Creative Studio, with a BSc in Marketing and experience in Social Media Management in various multinational organisations.


She witnessed Sangha grow and flourish from the get-go, and joined the team as a strong believer that in order to make the world a better place, one must start from within.


Racha believes that being able to share sangha’s vision through visuals is a mere illustration of the power of art in promoting sustainability and social wellbeing.


Software Engineer, with five years of experience, building more than 6 full stack web applications, based on different technologies. Co-Founder  Tadawul AI, A Fintech startup accelerated and seed-funded by NCB, Monshaat, and DIFC Co-Founder and Software Engineer A manufacturing tech startup, accelerated and seed funded by TAQADAM Accelerator. Founder and lead software engineer  The Inspiring Vision ( A Software development house. Previous member of the Global shapers community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum)

Turki Al Jadani

Software Engineer & Technical Advisor

Johani A. M (JAM) is a PhD candidate in Tourism Management, South Korea. His research focus on sustainable tourism for achieving the UN’S sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He’s interested in people’s education, behavioural economics, new business development, management strategies and business innovation. JAM used to work in upscale hotels, banks, and retail industries. All his experiences were focused on front line (customer relations management). JAM often provides a lot of people Pro bono consulting in business and management specifically young start-up not for wage but for humanity Thriving. Jam’s Dream is to establish a world-class university that specializes in sustainability to keep the earth safe place for future generations.


Dr. Abdulmohsen Aljohani

Business Development and Sustainability


Italy Hub Director,Global Connector and Research Project Manager 


Francesco is an Italian born based in Rome. He holds an Msc in Development and Environment Economics. He is currently attending a master in energy management and environmental sustainability.


“I joined Sangha “Estidama Hub” because I want to promote and publicize a community world program about a multidimensional analysis of wellbeing. Turning ideas of wellbeing economies into action to create a world in which people and planet thrive in balance”.

-Francesco Temperini

Francesco Temperini

Italy Hub Director, Global Connector and Research Project Manager

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