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Global Call to Action for Adolescent Well-being

We had the pleasure to attend WHO virtual regional Multi-stakeholder consultation on programming to promote adolescent well-being, held on 15-16th June 2021.

Participants Representation (108 Participants):

Government 20%

National and International NGO’s 15%

Experts and Academia 21%

UN 10%

Youth/Adolescents 34%

“It was a pleasure to work with such a diverse group across the region whom are committed to invest and enhance youth’s/adolescent’s wellbeing both regionally and internationally”.

-Raghad Fathaddin, Sangha “Estidama Hub”, Founder & CEO

The consultation addressed the following:

  1. Why should national and local governments, NGOs and others invest in adolescent well-being?

  2. What evidence-based policies and programmes are needed to promote adolescent well-being globally and in different contexts?

Thanks to Dr. Rima Afifi, IOWA, College of Public Health, we had the chance to learn and reflect upon the art of meaningful adolescent and youth engagement, before dividing in to 5 working groups:

  1. Multisectoral approach to design, implement & monitor adolescent well-being

  2. Promoting adolescent well-being in humanitarian and fragile settings

  3. Digital technologies to promote adolescent well-being

  4. Monitoring progress towards adolescent well-being

  5. Capacity building needed to improve adolescent well-being polices & programmes

We also managed to discuss the barriers to adolescent’s wellbeing and services that could tackle those barriers. Most suggestions highlighted the positive role AI could play to ensure an inclusive and efficient approach.

Make adolescent well-being a priority

So if you are passionate about promoting youth's/adolescent's health and wellbeing, then this Global Call to Action for Adolescent Well-being is just the right thing for you!

Young people have joined forces with major international agencies, civil society and Governments to call for an accelerated global response focusing on three priorities:

  1. Engage and empower adolescents;

  2. Go beyond the health sector, launching a powerful multisectoral response;

  3. Strengthen political commitment & funding through a Global Summit on Adolescents.

So, go ahead and play a part, endorse the Call to Action for Adolescent Well-being and continue to encourage your country and community to do so too.

A special thank you to MiSK Global for the opportunity and their constant support. Together we can! Together we will! Together we are!

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