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Holistic Cleansing

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. We were so excited to join our Sangha, Ramadan 2021, to explore the various ways of cleansing. And just like that we started our holistic conscious and intentional cleansing journey, body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual and Emotional Cleansing:

  1. To begin a Consciousness Cleanse, you must first acknowledge that you have allowed thoughts and feelings that are inconsistent with the vibration of love into the sacred environment of your mind, body, and heart.

  2. Then make the commitment to refrain from putting anything into your system—your body, your mind, your heart—that is not of the highest spiritual vibration.

  3. Reflect: Imagine that for every negative thing that's ever been said or done to you, a little black toxic bead has entered your bloodstream. Allow yourself to reflect on all the years and all the people who have affected you in a negative way, including yourself. All the people who said: "You didn't do that right." "You made a mistake." Or "I'm not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, pretty enough, talented enough." How many of these little black beads are there? How thick are they? What are they doing to your connection to spirit? How much toxicity do you think has built up inside your consciousness as a result of those words alone?

  4. Think about all the behaviors, actions, and decisions you've beaten yourself up for—the things you believe you should or shouldn't have done, the things you've said, the choices you've made. Can you feel the burden of it?

  5. Release: Now take a slow, deep inhale and a long exhale, and let all of that go.

  6. Repeat to yourself: To that child within, to that voice with in, to that wounded heart, mind, voice, and belief within; today I make the commitment to love you. Today, I release any doubt, guilt, fear, shame or hate inflected by myself or others that I have allowed to enter my consciousness. I release, any blockages that disconnects me from my magnificence, divinity, from my truth and wisdom. Today, I make a conscious commitment to refrain from any behaviors and decisions that works against myself and my will. Today, in the here and now, I release the burden of any actions and choices that works against me. Today, in the here and now, I offer my self-esteem a boost of love. Today, I am ready to consciously make this commitment, to love myself, to hear my inner wisdom, and to learn from it.

We also joined Dr. Reham Garash, Wellness Manager at IMC and a Holistic Doctor, passionate about Ayurvedic Medicine, live on Clubhouse, in which she shared with us some valuable conscious living guidance.

And it goes like this:

What are some of your conscious living and cleansing kit?

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